Company Promoters

  The directors of the company have rich experience in the field of rice milling for more than 30 years. They hold various positions in the industry and various other associations, with chairman of the company being the current President of Rice Millers Association of Andhra Pradesh. Today there are 6 rice mills that are under the umbrella of the company.Before the Grain Impex, directors and their associates on individual basis have procured over 600,000 tons of grain and have exported it to various countries, mainly the Middle East and Africa. Of All the Agri products exported the Rice was of high volume than Soya, Maize and others. These Individuals and their Associates have teamed up together to form what is The Grain Impex Private Limited.  

Promoters Profiles                      

Mr. Devender Reddy Thudi


  Mr. Devender Reddy has very rich experience in the procurement and processing of grains. He has held coveted positions in the industry and other associations. Currently he is The President, Andhra Pradesh State Rice Millers Association.
The following are the companies held by Mr.Devender Reddy
  • 1. M/S Swaroopa Foods Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. M/S Lakshmi Gayatri Iron and Steel Pvt. Ltd.
  • 3. M/S Gayatri Agro Industrial Power8MW Biomass plant 
  • 4. M/S Sulochana Agro & Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
  • 5. Solvent Extraction Plant   

Ram Murthy Nakirikanti

Managing Director

  Mr. Ram Murthy has very rich experience in the procurement and processing of grains for more than three decades. He has procured about 1 million metric tons of grains to various International Exporters,last year.
The following are the companies held by Mr. Ram Murthy
  • 1. M/S Manikanta Concerns (Agri Commodity Trading)  
  • 2. M/S Manikanta Canvassers (Rice brokerage)  
  • 3. M/S Mahindra Industries (Rice Mill)
  • 4. M/S Poornodaya Agrotech Private Limited

Ravindra Kumar Bhatilprolu

Director – Overseas Operations

  Over 27 years experience in the entire gamut of INTERNATIONAL TRADE across all facets of Finance / Import& Exp/ Administration from operations through to board meetings.

  He has been INDIVIDUALLY MANAGING the said functions of our requirement and worked across all levels of the industry from grassroots through to senior management. In his last position of General Manager at Infraca Exploration, He has successfully overseen (Ghana) business units on an international level, and generated a 20 per cent increase in the company’s customer base and a 15 per cent increase in profits.


Overseas business and work experience over 27 years in the following countries

India ,United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, United States of America, China


Sravan Kumar Kanukuntla

Director – Adminstration and Operations

  Over 7 years experience in the INTERNATIONAL TRADE across Administration in Super market chains in London, UK and hands on experience in Exports/Logisticsand Shipping.

  He has successfully overseen finance,procurement, logistics and shipping of our consignments to Benin, Ghana and Srilanka.